Monday, 30 November 2009


I started off with changing the background color from a really light grey to the darkest shade of black, so I could see what font and color of the font would work well with the background. Although it's black and it goes with any color, it's better to be safe. So after changing the background color I changed the font 'Trebuchet' to 'Times New Roman' and 'Italic' to give a different feeling, a change of font always helps. Afterwards I changed the post title color from white to a grey/white tone to bring more of an affect. I like plain and simple things, and I believe that's kind of vibe my page brings. Moving on to the header which I changed from trees in the sunlight to trees in the snow, because it's Winter and I thought id give it the affect of the season we are in. The writing on the header, which is very faint i changed it to a darker tone of grey because the written was nowhere to be seen, it blended in with the header background.

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  1. because the .....? the words look like they've fallen off a cliff!