Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday Morning.

Have you got your heads in the clouds? So do i, on the airplane i took this when i was on my way to Greece, i did not photoshop anything on the picture apart from the contrast, the brightness, the hue and the saturation.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Graffiti at Southbank.

Taken with an SLR Digital Nikon camera, during the day at The South bank skate park when i decided to go out and explore and just have fun. I wanted it to be darker especially around the edges, because it came out too light, so i put the contrast higher and the brightness [all this done in photoshop] and i also thought i would blur the edge just a little bit, but because it's dark you can't really tell. Then i went to File>Save as> Named it> Made sure it was a JPEG>Then clicked "ok".

Germany, Cologne.

This picture was take in Germany, Cologne on top of their famous Cathedral. Again, i wanted this picture to look like a silhouette, i edited all the pictures in photoshop, firstly i went to Image>Adjustments>Black & white. To get the black & white affect, then i went to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast and i left the brightness on 0 and i put the contrast on +53. And this is the result.

Silhouette London Eye

I took this at South bank, it's a very weird angle because to get the angle i wanted i had to lay on the floor. At first i didn't know what to do with it but then i had an idea, the clouds wern't originally purple, they were like milk and gray so i edited them in photoshop and i also edited the London eye, i wanted to create a silhouette affect of the eye as to create a strong background affect. I then made the contrast higher and then clicked onto photofiler and the colour i chose was magenta around the sun. And the colour of the clouds is puple, i messed around with the picture for a bit and questioned witch colour to use but in the end i stuck with purple. So i then saved it into my folder in photoshop, but i had to make sure it was a JPEG.