Monday, 14 December 2009


This picture wasn't originally black and white, it was in color, to be specific it was a sunset so it was orange with shades of yellow and the sky was light blue, it was beautiful. But it seemed to give of the exact vibe of the picture and i like mystery so i decided to make it black and white. I went to Image> Adjustments and changed the black and white settings, the colors i changed were, The yellows which i made brighter, the green's which i made darker and the Cryans which i also made lighter. I also made the blues a little bit darker and decreased the Magenta. I think it gives off an old look, which i was going for. This is the result.


I took this at my friends house, whilst we was having a party. I just really liked this picture, especially the shoes, they're one of my favorites. I went to Image> Adjustments then I changed the hue, the saturation and the lightness. I decreased the hue to -155, the saturation to -40 and the lightness to -23. Which gave it a blue kind of affect. The light where the shoes are is really bright because i increased the exposure to +2.55 and decreased the offset to -0.0368 and the Gamma i just left it how it was.


This was a photo i took at 6am in the morning after going out for my friends birthday, me and one of my friends hadn't slept and watched the sunrise. This picture, personally says a lot to me and has a lot of memories when i look at it. I increased the yellows and the blues to +41, then i decreased the Magenta colors to -2. Then I decreased the cyan colors to -30. The tone balance it was focused was on midtones. This is how it came out in the end.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Self Portrait

I did the exact same things as I did on my "Scanned Rave" picture. Only I used black and white tone for this one, the tones that I changed were: The red which I moved to 300%, The yellows to 272%, The Greens to 40%, The Cyans to 60%, The blues to 107% and the magenta's to 300% and then I saved it. But in order for it to upload onto blogger I have to change the resolution as mentioned on the "Scanned rave" from 300 to 72 pixels and then save it as a JPEG, not a Photoshop document.

Monday, 30 November 2009


I started off with changing the background color from a really light grey to the darkest shade of black, so I could see what font and color of the font would work well with the background. Although it's black and it goes with any color, it's better to be safe. So after changing the background color I changed the font 'Trebuchet' to 'Times New Roman' and 'Italic' to give a different feeling, a change of font always helps. Afterwards I changed the post title color from white to a grey/white tone to bring more of an affect. I like plain and simple things, and I believe that's kind of vibe my page brings. Moving on to the header which I changed from trees in the sunlight to trees in the snow, because it's Winter and I thought id give it the affect of the season we are in. The writing on the header, which is very faint i changed it to a darker tone of grey because the written was nowhere to be seen, it blended in with the header background.

Monday, 16 November 2009

  • First thing i noticed about this blog was the labels, done very well. I knew as soon as i went onto the page where to go and what to press.
  • The thing i didn't like on the blog, was the green background against the burgundy writing and the white header on the top, there is too much color.
  • The pictures are very well annotated and i knew exactly what she did with each picture.
  • I love how the key words are in a different color from the rest.
  • The author experimented with different techniques on one picture which is very good 'cause you can see which technique is the nicest and which goes well with the whole image of the blog.

  • First things first about this blog, the header immediately caught my attention. It's vast, it's out there and it's great. Very interesting to look at.
  • The labels are just how they should be.
  • The blue should have been a darker color for it to stand out more to catch the eye of the person looking at it.
  • I like the way the layout is done apart from the picture with the green cow you can't see the writing, it comes out white. Which means something is wrong with the html. But other than that, i really liked it.

  • The white background against the creativity of the header caught my eye immediately and made me want to explore the rest of the page.
  • Black front against a plain background always works, it give the background "life"
  • The labels are done very well too, organized so the person viewing the page knows where to go to see the picture they want.
  • It's not cluttered and is simple in explaining what is what, and where is what.

  • The background caught my attention, but not in a good way. It's good to be creative but i thought her blog was just too random for my taste.
  • The column on the left seems inappropriate there and too cluttered.
  • There's no comments under the pictures either.
  • All the information is at the bottom of the page which confused me, it isn't organized at all. Which makes me not want to visit her blog.

Monday, 9 November 2009

  • I like the white background, it's very simple and you can do a lot to it if you want to add different colored writing or only two different colors, not four.
  • The label colors don't catch my eye, i don't like them. I think she should of used a more sophisticated color, so it doesnt clash with her work and the background.
  • The font she has chosen isn't one of my favorites but it does work with her page.
  • I do feel like the color of the font should have been darker so the readers don't strain their eyes, maybe just a shade darker.
  • I like how she explains everything and has a lot of writing on the blog and how she has uploaded videos on there too.

  • I really like the font he uses and the different type of color on a blank page.
  • The way he posts videos on the left hand side of the page and pictures straight in the middle is a unique way.
  • His labels are very neat and you know exactly where you're going when you're on his page.
  • I think that the bright images and the dull images work very well with the white background.
  • He is very precise, he explains everything you need to know about the pictures he's posted, or the videos or just the text.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Scanned rave.

I scanned this image of my glasses and a rave ticket.
The green and magenta colors came from image,adjustments,saturation/hue.
I left the background how it was i just wanted to give it more character, i also changed the resolution from 300 to 72 pixels because i went to upload it but it was too big so ion order for it to fit onto my
blog i had to make it smaller, changing to pixels is easy go to image, image size, the standard resolution is 300, then change to 72 pixels, click "okay".
Then you can save your image, but before all this, make sure you have three copies of your file, one of the original, one of the adjustments you have made and one of the mega pixels.

Harlequin Dream.

Taken in New Jersey/ Atlantic City around June 2009. It's the pier as you can see and there was all sorts of rides and further down there is loads of shops and loads of candy stores. The pier is very long. It wasn't this bright when i took it, the sky stood out more and the sea was darker but i wanted to make it seem like it was further away in the mist it was hiding so i went to image>adjustments>brightness & contrast and increased it too +11 and decreased the brightness to -38 then i went to hue/saturation and ticked the masters box and then i increased the hue and decreased the saturation. Then i went to file and saved as.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tuesday Morning.

Have you got your heads in the clouds? So do i, on the airplane i took this when i was on my way to Greece, i did not photoshop anything on the picture apart from the contrast, the brightness, the hue and the saturation.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Graffiti at Southbank.

Taken with an SLR Digital Nikon camera, during the day at The South bank skate park when i decided to go out and explore and just have fun. I wanted it to be darker especially around the edges, because it came out too light, so i put the contrast higher and the brightness [all this done in photoshop] and i also thought i would blur the edge just a little bit, but because it's dark you can't really tell. Then i went to File>Save as> Named it> Made sure it was a JPEG>Then clicked "ok".

Germany, Cologne.

This picture was take in Germany, Cologne on top of their famous Cathedral. Again, i wanted this picture to look like a silhouette, i edited all the pictures in photoshop, firstly i went to Image>Adjustments>Black & white. To get the black & white affect, then i went to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast and i left the brightness on 0 and i put the contrast on +53. And this is the result.

Silhouette London Eye

I took this at South bank, it's a very weird angle because to get the angle i wanted i had to lay on the floor. At first i didn't know what to do with it but then i had an idea, the clouds wern't originally purple, they were like milk and gray so i edited them in photoshop and i also edited the London eye, i wanted to create a silhouette affect of the eye as to create a strong background affect. I then made the contrast higher and then clicked onto photofiler and the colour i chose was magenta around the sun. And the colour of the clouds is puple, i messed around with the picture for a bit and questioned witch colour to use but in the end i stuck with purple. So i then saved it into my folder in photoshop, but i had to make sure it was a JPEG.

Monday, 28 September 2009

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