Monday, 14 December 2009


This picture wasn't originally black and white, it was in color, to be specific it was a sunset so it was orange with shades of yellow and the sky was light blue, it was beautiful. But it seemed to give of the exact vibe of the picture and i like mystery so i decided to make it black and white. I went to Image> Adjustments and changed the black and white settings, the colors i changed were, The yellows which i made brighter, the green's which i made darker and the Cryans which i also made lighter. I also made the blues a little bit darker and decreased the Magenta. I think it gives off an old look, which i was going for. This is the result.


I took this at my friends house, whilst we was having a party. I just really liked this picture, especially the shoes, they're one of my favorites. I went to Image> Adjustments then I changed the hue, the saturation and the lightness. I decreased the hue to -155, the saturation to -40 and the lightness to -23. Which gave it a blue kind of affect. The light where the shoes are is really bright because i increased the exposure to +2.55 and decreased the offset to -0.0368 and the Gamma i just left it how it was.


This was a photo i took at 6am in the morning after going out for my friends birthday, me and one of my friends hadn't slept and watched the sunrise. This picture, personally says a lot to me and has a lot of memories when i look at it. I increased the yellows and the blues to +41, then i decreased the Magenta colors to -2. Then I decreased the cyan colors to -30. The tone balance it was focused was on midtones. This is how it came out in the end.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Self Portrait

I did the exact same things as I did on my "Scanned Rave" picture. Only I used black and white tone for this one, the tones that I changed were: The red which I moved to 300%, The yellows to 272%, The Greens to 40%, The Cyans to 60%, The blues to 107% and the magenta's to 300% and then I saved it. But in order for it to upload onto blogger I have to change the resolution as mentioned on the "Scanned rave" from 300 to 72 pixels and then save it as a JPEG, not a Photoshop document.